Industrial real estate acquisitions

Piloted by an experienced leadership team, Clear Height Properties has built a powerful platform for acquiring and operating industrial real estate in the most desirable locations throughout the Midwest.


With a strong balance sheet, lean structure, operator’s mindset and ability to self-finance, Clear Height has tremendous latitude in choosing and structuring investments. Our expert team can complete due diligence and valuations, execute, and pay out quickly, even in complex or nuanced deals.


The Clear Height Properties team is always on the lookout for value-add, opportunistic and core-plus industrial real estate investments to add to the portfolio, as well as investment partners in search of strong risk-adjusted returns.

Attractive broker incentives

Our core values and mission of “building wealth and creating legacies” apply as much to our partners as they do for ourselves. We are committed to paying success forward and we know that healthy broker partnerships are critical to meeting our goals.


Determined on a deal-by-deal basis and in alignment with your employer guidelines, when you close a deal with Clear Height, you may also enjoy incentives such as:


  • Additional 0.5% bonus: Take home an extra 0.5% on top of your seller-paid commission.
  • Carried interest/promote: Participate in the carried interest/promote of deals you bring to us. After all, one of our core values is “Make the next person successful,” and that applies to brokers and acquisitions, too.
  • Coinvesting opportunities: Have a great opportunity? Contribute capital and invest alongside us.
  • Exclusive partner trips: In line with our core value, “Have fun and excitement every day,” we host top-performing broker partners on an amazing, all-expenses-paid trip each year.


Talk to us about your Midwest industrial real estate acquisition opportunities and we’ll do our best to make them happen.

Experience the Clear Height difference, let’s do something great together.